Safeguarding Policy Documents

The following documents are important to each and every member so please read carefully. They layout the Safeguarding principles that are defined for Stockwood Park Golf Club.

Please note copies are also on the club notice board.

Stockwood Park Golf Centre update

Luton Council
27 April at 17:15

We would like to thank everyone who has responded to the consultation on the future of Stockwood Park Golf Centre. We have had a huge response with a wide range of passionate views put forward.
The golf course and the park are clearly valued by a large number of people.

We have therefore agreed to undertake a long-term master planning exercise for the whole of the park to explore how we can best use the whole of the park for the benefit of the wider community.

The masterplan is a big piece of work so the Golf Club will continue to operate as it is now for the time being, but we will undertake some necessary compliance works to the club house in the next few weeks.
For the avoidance of doubt, there have never been any plans to build houses or any other similar development on the park. Our key priority is about ensuring that we maximise the recreational benefits of the park for the whole of the community.

A full report on the outcome of the consultation will be published shortly

Consultation Update - 17 April 2021

About a month ago we nominated Stockwood Park Golf Course to be an Asset of Community Value with a Community Right to Bid.
We've recently been informed that our nomination has been approved by the Council's Property Forum, and as of yesterday the Golf Centre is registered as an Asset of Community Value.

This is good news because it puts up a barrier to the council simply disposing of the asset.
An overview of the Community Right to Bid legislation can be found on this LBC webpage:

This section is particularly relevant:

- What happens if an asset is successfully nominated?

The asset will be placed on the Register of Assets of Community Value for a period of five years (see bottom of the page). During this time, if the owner wishes to dispose of the asset, they will need to inform us.
There will then be a period of six weeks when local community interest groups – not just the body that made the successful nomination - can express an intention to bid. If a community interest group does express an intention to bid, the full moratorium lasts for six months from when we were first informed of the intention to dispose of the asset.

There are more hurdles to overcome before we can confidently say the long term future of Stockwood Park Golf Course is secured.
The council group will meet shortly to review the consultation report, and we should all keep making the case for the Golf Course to our councillors and hope for more positive news.

!! The existence of Stockwood Park Golf Centre is under threat from CLOSURE !!

Luton Borough Council are having a public consultation on what should happen to Stockwood Park Golf Centre. They are looking to close the centre in order to save money. But, the alternative proposals put forward by the council would mean a significant capital investment to change the use of the course and it's clubhouse (with no guarantee that any will actually be carried forward to fruition!). We therefore cannot see any benefit to closing the centre except to deny access to a much valued and nationally lauded sports facility.

Many people will suffer from these proposed changes especially in our current climate where health and good exercise are of paramount consideration.

All who use the centre, are opposed to this proposal and are fighting hard to have LBC remove closing the facility from Active Lutons Sports portfolio.

To help highlight our objection to this proposal the members committee have set up an online petition to show the local, and wider areas, opposition to this closure. Please follow the link below to sign the petition and help to make the council aware of what keeping the golf course open means to everyone. Not just to players, but everyone who believes that exercise and sport are essential to their health, mental wellbeing, social interaction (across all communities and walks of life!) and the community support it promotes.

Petition link -

It is essential that everyone also completes the consultation survey LBC have created. We need as many people as possible to fill this in and voice their reasons for keeping the club active. There are 2 surveys which cater for different groups of people - those who use the club as a sports venue, the other is for the general public. The first link is for people who use the golf centre. The second link is for general public opinion.

Golf Centre users -

General public (non-users of the centre) -

Your support is greatly appreciated!!