Please note we do not get any notification that PlayMoreGolf members have actually asked for Stockwood Park Golf Club as their Home club of choice.

The onus is therefore on the person joining to apply for an SPGC full membership. You need to do this if you wish to have a handicap (new or transferred) and play in any official club, county or open competitions.

Please note that PlayMoreGolf members who are also SPGC members are eligible to play in all club competitions equally, and are not limited to a select few competitions.

If you have joined PlayMoreGolf and have nominated Stockwood Park Golf Club as your home club and want to become a full member, then you need to fill in the SPGC membership application form.

When paying the SPGC membership fee in the ProShop please ensure you get and keep your receipt of payment safe. We ask this due to our members club being separate from Active Luton, as such we may need to ask for confirmation of payment. Then we can claim the fee from Active Luton and register you as a member. Once we have a completed form collected or emailed to, and payment verified, we will contact you and welcome you as a new member with all the details to make sure you are properly introduced into our great club.